What is the best song in this game?

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User Info: SSJPabs

3 years ago#21
Gwyn's Theme, O&S, Kalameet, Artorias.
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

3 years ago#22
To me it's this one:


It's not on the soundtrack of course and it's a haunting piece.

User Info: Alltra

3 years ago#23
This game has music? What?
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User Info: lunajenny

3 years ago#24
For me, O and S was the best. I also liked Nito, Sif, Gargoyles, and the generic boss theme you get from minotaur demon.

Gwyn had a nice theme too but it felt out of place, like what it should've sounded like after killing him
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User Info: TheLucidChiba

3 years ago#25
eyotic_darg posted...
Gwyn's ending theme. I have a 15min extended version on my mp3 player that I listen to constantly.
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User Info: Stevo-Pirate

3 years ago#26
Gwyn's theme is excellent.

Feels out of place for a boss fight at first, but keep in mind you're essentially killing the elderly king of Lordran. So it is kinda sad I suppose.
I know he was a villian but still. Killing old guys isnt cool.
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User Info: Dagnoth

3 years ago#27
Black dog.
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User Info: Obsidus

3 years ago#28
Ash Lake.
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User Info: Runoth

3 years ago#29
Hard to choose...

Everlasting Dragon (Ash Lake)
Daughters of Chaos (Quelaan Bonfire Room)
Great Grey Wolf Sif
Ornstein and Smough
Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

If I had to choose one, I would probably go with Daughters of Chaos, but all of the above are great.

User Info: QcSp0rts

3 years ago#30
Executioner Smough & Dragon Slayer Ornstein

Iron Golem / Firesage / Asylum Demon.

Ash Lake
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