Four Kings =unbeatable

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3 years ago#1
wtf were they thinking??? there's 3 of them, It only takes ONE of them to spam attacks faster than i can Estus, then theres a f$%^ing homing laser... i cant block it, i cant dodge it..

if this is "good challenge game mechanics" than i was a "skilled player" when i used a Game Genie back in the day...

seriously whats the deal with beating this???????????????????????????????????????
3 years ago#2
I always just put on full Havel's and two hand my weapon and just stay right in their face slashing and healing as necessary.

Letting any others spawn makes it 10x more difficult.
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3 years ago#3
Suck less.
Don't get hit.
3 years ago#4
The trick is being super aggressive. Like the poster above says, wear some heavy damage absorbing armour, two hand your most powerful weapon and sprint at each one, hug their body and just hack away. You should be able to dodge their attacks but if not heal. If you have kindled the bonfire before to max I don't see a problem.
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3 years ago#5
As everyone said stay close fun fact their melee attacks do extremely lower damage when your up close you can fast roll and dodge a attack then go in for 2 hits or tank them
3 years ago#6
I have beaten them with a sl1 3 times until NG+2, with a sl5 9 times until NG+8. Used melee only rangeing from hand axe to zweihander, used pyro, sorcery, miracles. Did it naked and geared up. Everything works! it's a really fun and good challenge. So getgud scrub!
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(message deleted)
3 years ago#8
^ so hardxcore
3 years ago#9
thenewjersey posted...
yeah the "get good scrub" sh*t doesnt really help, im obviously consulting peers for input, thats how humans advance beyond their individual potential all these thousands of years, thanx for the tips for gameplay but no thanx for wasting time posting silly stuff like "be gooder" type comments, yeah we get it. if we all were perfect at this game noone would be on the message board.

Unfourtantly this is what has happened you have the "elite" who just post on the topics like these to simply say "get gud scrub" then you have the people who are willing to help or give advice good luck with four kings if you have pyro they are really weak to fire
3 years ago#10
WOW i take back EVerytHING!!! ok i did what everyone that made fun of me said and threw on Havel's set, i just beast tanked all 4 of them and then a 5th one and couldnt be touched. geez even that homing missile barely scratched me with a little lift of my shield

thanx guys, i totally would have made fun of me too if i knew it was that easy
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