How in the hell am I suppose to kill Capra Demon?

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2 years ago#21
1. Get a spear or rapier type weapon. I preferred spear. Upgrade to 5.
2. Get a good shield. Heater shield or better. Upgrade to 5.
3. Use pine or fire resin.
4. Enter fog, dont move. Immediate target and toggle left to target on the dog running from stairs.
5. Capra and dog will jump towards you. Dodge left and poke dog. Dog dies.
6. Stay near the fog gate if you dont want to aggro the other dog.
7. You win.
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2 years ago#22
Shield and spear/rapier are the way to go. Killed him second try with it.
2 years ago#23
Hahahaha. thanks for the strategies guys but I went with the cheap way and spammed firebombs through the fog.
that was so cheap lol, poor capra.
2 years ago#24
Yeah don't worry about it. Capra is really hard on your first run usually for players. Along with 4kings and O&S.
2 years ago#25
Johnny_Jon_117 posted...
It is the only fight next to the bed of chaos that's considered cheap. The very very first thing you gotta do is the down the dogs. Taking them down is fatal as if you kill them you basically won as the fight becomes incredibly easy. My advice: KILL THE DOGS

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2 years ago#26
I've beaten him 5 or 6 times and I still manage to get killed due to the dogs. It all hinges on the first 5-10 seconds. Once the dogs are dead he's pretty easy.
2 years ago#27
How my 8 year old son killed him on the first try:

Elite knight set. Poise is good.

Magic weapon + Zweihander. Rolled away from capra, got on the steps, poise tanked the dogs while smashing them in 1 hit each.

I did not kill him on the first try, and it took several attempts my first playthrough.
2 years ago#28
Toss firebombs through the fog gate?
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2 years ago#29
Get a better shield and get down to light roll, upgrading a balder shield to +5 will allow you to guard the cappra's hits (most of them) and the rolls will help you dodge the dogs. This fight is decided in the first 5 seconds.

Kill the dogs first, then kite cappra around.
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