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3 years ago#1
Met him in BF, seems some scrubs set up a FC or something cuz the ppl were absolutely terrible.

Anyways, i was fashion douching it up, impractical gear and all that and i just roll bsed him to death with a claw the 1st time. Summon him again and continue roll bsing him and i think i pissed him off, dude pops a shroom and pulls out a modded crystal greatsword and 1 shot bses me. Summoned him a few more times and kept on roll bsin him, think he blocked me cuz i never saw his sign again.

Just thought id share. Legend never dies brah.
Go Big Red
3 years ago#2
He's not known for being good, so I don't think anyone really cares.

He is known for being funny. If you can roll-BS his humor, then maybe this would matter.
3 years ago#3
Here's what really happened: BombayNugz logged into GameFAQs and couldn't decide what to post. He struggled for hours trying to think of a subject but to no avail. So he went to YouTube and watched some videos. He came across those of OnlyAfros. He wondered why he was such a beloved icon in the Dark Souls community. Then jealousy set in. Why wasn't BombayNugz the most beloved icon in the Dark Souls community? Thus spawned a seed of hatred. A seed that began to grow the more videos he watched. BombayNugz then set out to destroy the image of OnlyAfro. Finding himself at GameFAQs once again, he hit the "New Post" button and began typing furiously. The product we all see before us.
3 years ago#4
butterfly forest is in arma 3?
3 years ago#5

Nugz roll bs's things.
3 years ago#6
Topic - 0/10
3 years ago#7
Seems legit
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3 years ago#9
Sorry for going try hard. I literally only had what I had on that build. If I had claws and whip I would have got down.
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3 years ago#10
How many OnlyAfros are there lol
Go Big Red

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