HAHAHAHA. Just beat O&S without any struggles.

#11shadowsofdawnPosted 6/25/2013 6:54:04 PM
DanteAwakenin posted...
Japanese players are so damn good.

Japanese players come in two flavors: jokers and tryhards

They are either naked, using joke weapons, and kicking ass with them, or they are using the best of the best, along with glitches and hacks to make sure they don't lose and disgrace their family. There is no in-between.
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#12slayer921Posted 6/25/2013 7:03:50 PM
DanteAwakenin posted...
In fact, I killed everyone in Anor Londo without any struggles, all I did is summoning two guys, and they were super-good at the game, tbh all I did is walking and they killed everything alive for me, they even told me where are the chests and what to buy from the giant blacksmith.

feels good man, feels good.

l2suck hate phantoms who try to do work for me, i jsut send them back and be like don't help me, you're ruining the game
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