What do you use for the fight against Bell Gargoyle (without drake sword)

#21lunajennyPosted 7/9/2013 4:31:35 PM
An easy way is to equip some decent armour like the elite knight armour from the forest, and the wolf ring also from the forest, then go in with a +5 weapon such as a longsword, buff it with gold pine resin, then just R1 spam and drink estus when your stamina is zero. If you can finish of the first one after its hp drops to half before the second one comes then you can focus on side stepping the other ones firebreath til you can get close. You might want to quickly take your armour off after the first one goes down so you can dodge properly again. Heater shield blocks most fire damage and can be bought from the undead merchant
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ReahThorolund posted...
Can Solaire and Lautrec kill them by them selves? That would be cool...

Yup. Ive done this several times. IIRC: Solaire took a bunch of hits while trying to throw lightning spears, but did some damage before dying. Then Laurec finished them off. I think on some occasions I may have thrown a few fireballs into the mix, but I'm sure I've let the two of them do it by themselves at least once.
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