What's your view on Lordran, as a place and as a time?

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Lordran obviously doesn't apply to laws of Earth, and since its strange state is never properly explained, every player must have a different view on how it all works, if it works at all. I'm just wondering - what's your take on it?

I believe that there is a larger world in the Dark Souls universe than just Lordran, and that when you die, you are taken to a limbo, stuck in an endless cycle of life and death and disconnected from the rest of the world, perhaps to await judgement, also known as The End Of The World, which is coincidentally sometimes called Judgement Day. This makes Lordran some kind of purgatory, although it is possible for some individuals to make a name for themselves in this world, as Gwyn, Nito and The Witch of Izalith when they overthrew the dragons, who were perhaps the guardians of that limbo. Then using the souls they found, and knowing they might never escape the bleak place, created Lordran.
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I may have misheard a lot of lore, but unless that is the case, that post was completely wrong.
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Okay, stuff I know, and stuff I think:

1. There are obviously other places besides Lordran. Andre and Solaire are from Astora. Griggs and Big Hat Logan are from Vinheim, etc.

2. I don't think Lordran is any different from other places, besides the fact that it is where the First Flame and the Lord Souls originated from.

3. Lordran isn't full of dead people, but full of people who can't die. It seems that when someone becomes undead they are given the option to go to Lordran, but if they resist going they are put into the Undead Asylum. Lordan is a haven for undead.

4. I think it is possible to leave Lordan. Petrus has a stash of homeward bones, enough to return him and his companions to Thorolund. The crow flies you to the Undead Asylum.

Sorry, if that's jumbled or missing the point. Basically, I think that Lordran isn't different from anywhere else, besides they fact that it has gods and a ton of undead.
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It's just a place/country/city whatever in some planet/universe with a curse that makes you undead. Time is also messed up and stuff.
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newjerseyplayer posted...
I may have misheard a lot of lore, but unless that is the case, that post was completely wrong.

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I stopped reading at "you are taken to limbo".
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