First playthrough boss death count.

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User Info: Reference_Meme

3 years ago#11
I did play the hell out of Demon's Soul. So, I had little difficulty with basics...

But still on my FIRST playthrough... Capra killed me a LOT. Nito killed me a bunch before I thought to put on Havel's set and tank him. Almost every single Titanite Demon killed me at least once, especially the 4 in Sen's w/out the rust ring. Ash Lake hydra kicked my ass quite a few times. The Asylum demon (the one that drops a slab) killed me a few times, too. Manus got me a few times. Seathe and Kalameet got me a few times, but moreso from me just trying to get their tails.

Oddly... beat O&S, 4kings, BoC, Silver Archers, Artorias, and rafters all on my first try.

Now'a'days, for whatever reason, the stupid demon firesage seems to kill me once or twice per playthrough :(

User Info: Casul346

3 years ago#12
Taurus demon: 5+ deaths
Gargoyles: 5+ deaths
Capra Demon: 2-3 deaths
Queelag: 0 death
Ceaseless Legit: 0 Deaths
Iron Golemn: 0 deaths
Ornstein and Smough: 1 death
4 Kings: 0 deaths
Bed of Chaos: 2-3 deaths
Seeth the Scaleless: 0 deaths
Nito: 0 deaths
Gwyn, Lord of Cinder: 2-3 deaths
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User Info: Zemurys

3 years ago#13
Good times XD

I wish I had kept track of my deaths. I'm doing a lot better with my 2nd character, than I did with my first one, starting out. Up until Manus......
PSN: Talys_Aremus

User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#14
Taurus Demon - 1 death
Gargoyles - 4 deaths
Moonlight Butterfly - 1 death
Havel - 2 deaths
Dragonslayer Archers - 4 deaths
Ornstein and Smough - 2 deaths
Hellkite Drake - 1 death

After that, all my deaths have come from falling off ledges, especially trying to get that damn blue titanite slab in the crystal cave.

User Info: DrJamesGang

3 years ago#15
I died the most to the skeletons in the graveyard right by Firelink Shrine. I just never saw the path up towards the Burg so I just thought that's where you went. 50 deaths later, I found the right way to go.
PSN: DrJamesGang

User Info: Chaosxmk777

3 years ago#16
Asylum Demon: 0
Taurus: 2-3
Gargoyles: 1-2
Moonlight Butterfly: 0
Capra: 3
Gaping Dragon: 1
Quelaag: 3 (Who learned to check for lava before rolling back)
Ceaseless Discharge: 1
Stray Demon: 3-4
Sif: 3
Iron golem: 0
Ornstein and Smough: 2-3
Seath: 2-3 (So much curse buildup and failed attempts at that tail)
Pinwheel: 0 (Has anyone ever)
Nito: 1
Priscilla: 0
Gwyndolin: 2
Firesage: 0
Centipede demon: 1 (Didn't know how much lava hurt first try)
Bed of Chaos: 4-6 (I still have a hard time falling down to that middle branch to end the fight)
Four Kings: 1
Gwyn: 3

Also the order I fought bosses in...I think...

EDIT: Forgot Moonlight and Sif
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User Info: Heisenberg05

3 years ago#17
Priscilla: 69 times

User Info: BadrangTyrant

3 years ago#18
I died to the Taurus Demon and the Gargoyles more than any other boss.
I wasn't use to the type of game and neglected trying to find anything out or use strategy.
"The seat of God lies beyond"

User Info: JollyCoop

3 years ago#19
And all of the above means exactly nothing without knowing your stats and weapon used. I bet a sl50 using a upgraded Zweihander dies less than a thief with dual wielding basic daggers and no vitality increase. Just saying.
PSN: JollyCoop, Bolke

User Info: servb0ts

3 years ago#20
Asylum Demon: 0
Taurus: 0
Hellkite Drake 1 death.
Gargoyles: 1-2
Moonlight Butterfly: 0
Capra: 1-2
Gaping Dragon: 0
Quelaag: 1-2 (Who learned to check for lava before rolling back)
Ceaseless Discharge: 0
Stray Demon: 1-2 mostly do to falling damage.
Sif: 0
Iron golem: 0
Ornstein and Smough: 1-2.
Seath: 0
Pinwheel: 0
Nito: 0
Priscilla: 0
Gwyndolin: 1-2
Firesage: 3.
Centipede demon: 0
Bed of Chaos: 15 BOC be trolling.
Four Kings: 3 (1st time didn't equip Sif ring.)
Gwyn: 2-3.
Death by falls 9,999~lost count.
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