SL:101 can someone help me with final boss new game

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What you need to do is negate his chip damage by equipping a Black Knight shield, and the Flame Stoneplate ring. What you do is just block his first attack and then parry the second. The problem is if you hold your shield up then he'll just knee you. So basically just stand there and as soon as he moves, you bring your shield up then and block/parry, roll if he does the grab attack.

I've seen a guy online parry Gwyn for two hours and killed him with fist riposts.

I also do actually recommend trying this method, as getting used to the block and parry is stupidly handy for the knights. Teaching you to consistently parry them over and over is fun... :)
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Sure you can add me, PSN is a_ak57
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Oil_Rope_Bombs posted...
Sure you can add me, PSN is a_ak57


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