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3 years ago#1

I wanted to ever since I met with the Darkmoon Knightess (so jealous of her), so I made a cosplay DEX build modeled after her. I use the Parrying Dagger +15, but I'm open to other left hand suggestions. Also, I'd like to actually parry w/ the weapon. Thanks
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3 years ago#2
What's your mainhand weapon? Best pick something to compliment the shortcommings of the main weapon with your offhand.

There's a list of offhand parry weapons on this page...

Leme know what's your main weapon you usually use, and I can throw a suggestion your way.
3 years ago#3
In spirit of the cosplay, I use Richard's Rapier (if buffing) and Velka's Rapier when I run out of buff or am Rss'd (If I still had it, freaking lost Velka's, but I digress).
MH I.D.: Albireo; 3DS: 0430-8421-0489
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3 years ago#4
Offhand Estoc and a main hand Balder Side Sword!

Did that on my Chakan (old Sega game) cosplay.
3 years ago#5
Hmm since you use rapiers (which specialize in straight vertical attacks) I would suggest anything from the Katana type weapons or the curved swords weapons.

Both can parry and IMO can compliment the moveset of both the rapiers you use.

I think the best would be either falchion or the furysword for their reach and moveset in the left hand. Also, cool points for the unique parry animation.
3 years ago#6
Thanks for the suggestions! I've tried out the curved sword, but never falchion or estoc.

Side note: Also use Balder Swag from time to time too switch up movesets. It looks like Richard's when buffed but get surprised when I slash instead.
MH I.D.: Albireo; 3DS: 0430-8421-0489
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3 years ago#7
In light of cosplay, you should be using an estoc in the main hand and parrying dagger in the offhand. Though it seems you aren't interested in truly cosplaying so what the others have mentioned is good.

This video features several duel wield combinations throughout. Check it out if you want.
3 years ago#8
I tried lots of dual wielding for PvP in SL120-200 and I found my favorites are:

Gold Tracer - has the best left handed attack
Two Zweihanders - the sweeping horizontal attack in the left-hand actually hits circus flippers who are attempting to back stab you. Plus it looks great to hold both and the Zwei does pretty good defensive of physical attacks.
3 years ago#9
best left hander is the fury sword,also try the life hunt,murakumo,and server.
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3 years ago#10
The tracer set is an obvious choice and the parrying dagger that you already use. I have a Ciaran tracer dual wield build, a dual wield washing pole build(crazy range but stat intensive), and the remake on that build that is a dual wield chaos blade build where I used the extra 24 points I put in strength of the washing pole into vitality.

I've been gouging and leveled past 125 recently and have 76 vitality, mask of the mother, Tiny Being's ring and Ring of Favor. Sometimes I swap out the Tiny ring with the Red Tearstone as well. Really just grab a curved sword other than the Gold Tracer, dagger or katana and decide what you like and will fit your build.

Also I didn't using an acronym for Ring of Favor and Protection would flag my post...
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