Trouble for Tarkus: Gravelord Event in Sen's Funhouse

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3 years ago#1
Friday, September 20th.
First wave starts at 18:00 GMT (10:00am pst)
Second wave starts at 6:00pm PST
This will be another hide-and-seek style event.

No soul level restriction. I want as many people to be able to participate as possible.

Send a message or friend request to elfmirfkin For an invite to the chat. You do not need to be in the chat to participate. It is the same chat as last time, "gravelords for life". I think odin made it.

GRAVELORDS: drop eye of death in the very first room of Sen's, the one with the arrow trap and two serpent men. Then move throughout the fortress. Gravelords may heal. You need to be in human form and have the boss alive to gravelord.

HUNTERS: it is your job to hunt down and eliminate the gravelord by any means necessary. You do not need to have the boss alive to invade the world of a gravelord or even be in human form. If you want to see black phantoms, you need to at least be on ng+.
Hunters may not heal once gravelord had been engaged. Hunters may only heal if they take fall damage and only then before the gravelord has been spotted. Once you find the gravelord, you may not heal.

FIGHT RULES: other than the above healing rules, there are none. The "bow, buff, fight" rule is not in effect, so stay alert! There's lots of hiding places, so be careful going around corners.

CHAT RULES: no salt, no arguing, no name-calling. These are meant to be dirty fights, no whining or crying.

If you want to be a gravelord and need eyes of death, let me know and I'll make sure you get a full stack as long as you promise to share with others that may run out.

See you there!
---PSN: elfmirfkin---
3 years ago#2
ill try to be there. not sure if i want to be a hunter or gravelord though! i just cant decide!
psn: foppehenk, hoekende
3 years ago#3
Im down
3 years ago#4
foppehenk posted...
ill try to be there. not sure if i want to be a hunter or gravelord though! i just cant decide!

You can be both!
That's what I'm planning on doing. After you drop your eye, if you see another gravelord sign, you can touch it and invade if you feel so inclined.
---PSN: elfmirfkin---
3 years ago#5
Hey elf. I need another chat invite sent out when you get a chance. I deleted my old one.

Training is nothing. Will is everything.
3 years ago#6
^ I got ya covered bats.

Also let me reiterate,
This is open to all soul levels and all game
cycles (ng, ng+, etc.)
This will likely be the last gravelord event I plan so everyone is invited. Invite your friends, too!

Also, my friend list gets full easily and often so if it is, please, please, please, get ahold of me somehow and I'll take care of it. It gets full without me knowing when I'm not home.
---PSN: elfmirfkin---
3 years ago#7
I'M in.
3 years ago#8
Correction: orphanjohn made that chat long ago for a gravelord event.
PSN: Odinson31
3 years ago#9
Wait, this could be your last gl event?

You're the only one that does gl events that players actually show up to :{
PSN: Odinson31
3 years ago#10
You might want to post a soul level range at least, since if you aren't within coop level range of the other gravelords, you won't be able to be infected by them.
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