Why does no one want to fight in the burg?

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2 years ago#1
I kept Taurus alive to do some PvP, which happens occasionally but most the time they insist on waiting for another invader to fight with.

If anyone wants to meet me for a fight put your red sign in the burg, PSN is London-HavoK
2 years ago#2
You kidding? I get invaded all the time when I leave Tarus alive in the burg.
2 years ago#3
Yeah I get invaded a fair amount but they end up just doing fist backstabs and getting naked

One just then decided to beckon me into the room under the archer, closed the door and got naked and starting bending over infront of me.
2 years ago#4
Yeah, in the time I was co-oping with my friend, we got invaded a handful of times.

I'd probably chalk it up to possibly it just being a very poorly designed place. Slippery surfaces that shouldn't be, poor lighting that makes no sense and poison everything, lol.
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2 years ago#5
Lol wut? Everyone that invades me wants me dead and tries to do crap like lag stab or spam dark magic or WoG. And anyone that I invade is usually hiding behind phantoms like a little b**** and then uses TWoP to gang up on me then they all act like their tough s*** afterwards doing taunts.

It's one thing to do this to an invader but they crossed the line when they have pulled this crap on reds they summon, I gave up on being summoned by red soapstone after always ending up in a world where there are 3 people waiting to gangbang me.
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  3. Why does no one want to fight in the burg?

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