NAME your favorite weapon class and WHY?

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User Info: Zubatgg

2 years ago#21
Halberds. Specifically The gargoyle halberd. With it lightning/chaos, you will wreck everything even in NG+
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User Info: GetterJuan

2 years ago#22

I used to play WoW. BKGA lets me pretend I'm wielding an arcanite reaper
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User Info: jedimasta555

2 years ago#23
pinkpantherfan5 posted...
Great Clubs because whack-a-mole.


User Info: Drain_Bead

2 years ago#24
Left handed spears are op as hell.
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User Info: quebst

2 years ago#25
Halberds are just plain fun. Strangely I hated them in DeS but love them now. The other two very close would be straight swords and greatswords. (BSS is standard issue to every char I have that can use it)

User Info: FreakOnHeels

2 years ago#26
Probably katanas for favorite class. They're fast, have bleed, and look freaking amazing.
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User Info: funkyfritter

2 years ago#27
Claymore, accept no substitutes.
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User Info: smough420

2 years ago#28
Great hammer just for smough's

User Info: KDTProjekt

2 years ago#29
funkyfritter posted...
Claymore, accept no substitutes.

You're my new favorite.

User Info: ParryACO

2 years ago#30
"Ultra" Greatswords.

A weapon doesn't need to be sharp to cut. Put enough strength behind a dull edge and it'll cleave a man in two.
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