Mage Weapon

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Longsword is a good choise. I did a sl5 mage run to ng+7 with the short sword, but soon after that i did it again with a sl10 to ng+9 with a rapier. Rapier is essential in that ng+ cycle. Constantly in red tearstone mode. It's the only way to one shot enemies with a weapon.

I see, so in the long run, the critical damage on rapiers will be essential to one hit enemies. In that case, which rapier do you suggest?

I hope to stream tonight, but only if i manage to stay awake. Only slept about 7 hours in 2 nights.... That also affects my game play if im tired i play like a noob :-(

I know the feeling, I hate them late night shifts followed by an early one, you just start feeling like a zombie.

What kind of play through do you prefere i'll do?

I don't have a preference, really. Maybe try challenging yourself to keep it interesting. Set some restrictions on what you're allowed to do/use. Maybe try beating the game with a really weak weapon?
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