Cosplay fight club next Saturday

#1shooterman1243Posted 8/25/2014 12:32:27 AM
Anyone interested?

Can be any Npc, boss, miniboss or humanoid enemy

Rings Must be canon (e.g. red tearstone for lautrec, only Ciaran has the hornet ring, no wolf ring on Oswald etc)

Armour and weapons must be Canon

Buffs are allowed on characters that buff

Sl 100 max
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#2FelanphirPosted 8/25/2014 9:05:25 AM
heyho, so the roll has to be the same too i suppose? Solaire only gets midroll? Sounds good, i'll see if i can find the time. Is there a chat for this?
#3shooterman1243(Topic Creator)Posted 8/25/2014 9:46:11 AM
If you can fit in the points to fast roll then feel free to fast roll :)

It's more just not seeing solaire using a crystal soul spear or Shiva the east ninja flipping like his body guard
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#4arkim44Posted 8/25/2014 5:34:33 PM
I'm down if I can fit in with your time zone, it's just sometimes an issue due to work commitments etc.
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