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Parry Timings
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Zabru161/25 4:06PM
I daresay Golem axe is the most versatile weapon.Yesmankablaam51/25 3:41PM
what happens if i don't meet the faith requirement for effigy shield?Yesmankablaam71/25 3:36PM
Did you know the purpose of that empty hallway with the balder knight in Sen's? (Poll)MrSunbro101/25 2:07PM
I'm going to beat this bloody game this time (plus question)AlexTheNextOne71/25 1:41PM
petition to ban xanthous scrubbers from creating topics (Poll)shooterman124371/25 1:36PM
help getting kalameet's tail?stabnburn21/25 12:39PM
I'm the official Xanthous Crown.
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XanthousKingSif251/25 12:19PM
what shield looks good with golem cosplay?Yesmankablaam61/25 12:03PM
Moveset swapping to defeat a modder? Alternative to gravityAdaSandwich41/25 8:23AM
I forgot how horrible the backstab mechanics are in this game
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Tomorrow is Fightclub day!
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Backstabbed all night
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Anyone still online?KiwiTerraRizing61/23 10:34AM
Fightclub day.
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What is "?MenuOther?"?Kaosorer_671/23 9:43AM
Is there an item that makes it easier to be detected?DingytheMan101/23 7:14AM
Boss fights where people summon for help these days?
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Da Dood171/23 6:35AM
Can you block Gratesword Dance miracles and Firestorms with a sheld?Hustler Nine71/22 8:54PM
Why is your favourite weapon your favourite weapon?
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