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How do i add perma lightning to my weapon? (Archived)bbbbbbammmmmmm411/3/2011
Any good places to grind for souls before Blighttown? (Archived)
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Now what? (Archived)shantd611/3/2011
bed of chaos... (Archived)heymejimbo511/3/2011
Gravelord boss fight (Archived)Thund3rGnome211/3/2011
PVP at SL150? (Archived)XAztecWarriorX311/3/2011
I didn't even kill a single player in forest covenant before I was glitched out. (Archived)Ameridrone411/3/2011
I'm glad they are nerfing the Crystal Ring Shield! (Archived)
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We should do a collabrative item discovery rate test. (Archived)
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Anyone with a spare Gargoyle helm? (SL 37) (Archived)Samusbresolino1011/3/2011
Game is like 4 hours long if you just run past the enemies to the bosses. (Archived)
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How to pivot backstab (Archived)
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Your First/Most Memorable PvP Kill (Archived)TheChronologist411/3/2011
Can you upgrade Logan's Catalyst, Tin Crystallization Cataylst, or gold-hemmed? (Archived)mrbean171011/3/2011
Does the covenant you're in affect how many people see your help sign? (Archived)Sakum311/3/2011
Need sunlight medals, SL 90 first game.. (Archived)rxester1011/3/2011
how do i make a lighting uchigatana? (Archived)tetsuo9999311/3/2011
golden golem absent... (Archived)Silverwyrm511/3/2011
Need confirmation (Archived)MogMoogle1311/3/2011
I need some advice on where to spend my last four stat points for SL 120 (PvP). (Archived)
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