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My PS3 has never crashed as many times as with this game. (Archived)
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Alright, Capra Demon (Archived)
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Gwyn Lord of Cinders (Archived)
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I'm F***ing tired of Great combustion (Archived)
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by sensing imminent death ring? (Archived)
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Where should I go? plus a few other things *minor spoilers* (Archived)Wangtang001311/1/2011
So did they fix Stone Greatsword + Crystal Magic Weapon bs? (Archived)tw1g_007511/1/2011
Does the number of humanity offered to the chaos covenant carry to new game +? (Archived)Ozymandssss211/1/2011
So I saved Logan from his cell in the Duke Archives (Archived)caseystryker711/1/2011