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Hey so the pyromancer guy/girl? Attacked me and I killed her/him (Archived)
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How do I make the various Sif weapons? Didn't see actual recipes on the board. (Archived)Rebel_G311/3/2011
SL 117...what stats to spend my 1.3 million souls on? (Archived)i_am_the_slime511/3/2011
Does the Zweihander stunlock like Claymore? (Archived)
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Does a glitched 30+ humanity get higher item discovery? (Archived)Hellcopter811/3/2011
I've been a Darkwriath. Thinking about switching to Darkmoon. (Archived)neorhetoric911/3/2011
Before going on to NG+ (Archived)MogMoogle1411/3/2011
Has patch changed rare weapon and titanite slab drops? (Archived)slick_gio911/3/2011
Kill Laurtrec or not? (spoilers) (Archived)Terantatek811/3/2011
We can assume that armour sets of NPC phantoms/invaders are on their real corpse (Archived)Typhlax311/3/2011
So Magic +10 is pretty much just better than Enchanted +5 all around. (Archived)freshmakerrrr811/3/2011
whats witht the dark moon clan? (Archived)roflapotamus1011/3/2011
Can you parry with a weapon when you hold with 2 hands? (Archived)Dagoods8426711/3/2011
Thanks to Multiplayer, the Dragon Head glitch really isn't worth it... (Archived)Q_Sensei311/3/2011
Where is the chaos covenant shortcut? (Archived)samvo511/3/2011
darksword build? (Archived)ArchDemonSlayer211/3/2011
Once you've left a covenant, you can't... (Archived)Azure Dreams511/3/2011
In addition to summoning a NPC to a boss fight.. (Archived)Hmag20411/3/2011
Help with Enchanted Weapons PLEASE (Archived)JSRays611/3/2011
1.5 Million units sold worldwide..still niche? (Archived)
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