Isn't This Game, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds?

#1NocturnusTigrisPosted 3/10/2011 2:04:35 PM
Why do we have a separate board for Hot Shots Golf 5?
Is it something different yet to be released?
#2vinnydictivePosted 3/12/2011 7:47:28 PM
I think it's the Japanese version of Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds...I might be mistaken, but either way it's the same game, not a new one, unfortunately. :(
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#3NocturnusTigris(Topic Creator)Posted 3/13/2011 2:09:54 PM
Thanks for answering my question.

Three other links: "Everybody's Golf World Tour", "Minna no Golf 5" and "Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds" all point to the same board, except this one.
Which is why I thought this might be a different game, I guess it's just a mistake.