This is the Minna no Golf 6 (PS3) board!

#1SnappleflakesPosted 11/5/2012 8:27:24 PM
So much confusion over them choosing the name Hot Shots Golf 5 for this board when the game hasn't even been announced for North America or Europe yet. Anyway, who's getting it? I'm definitely going to pick up a copy for the holidays. I remember buying Minna no Golf 5 a few years ago and played it non-stop all week.
#2ReezyyPosted 11/7/2012 4:38:20 AM
Yep I pre ordered already.
I think originally this board was for Out of Bounds, I mean look at the screenshots submitted, its for that game.
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#3kishinmaskPosted 11/8/2012 8:26:05 PM
Is this a port of the Vita one? Any new additional features for the PS3?