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This game was so terrible (Archived)SlapInTheFace32/10 9:37AM
Yes, slapintheface, a good game, not good EDF. Play it this way & it's EDFy. (Archived)mydorazio17/27/2014
Ranking Up (is it done based on kills or level completion?) (Archived)highflyin1023/18/2014
Dont listen to slapintheface post about this game. (Archived)
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Let's play some edf ia online (Archived)Betax8613/15/2014
The EDF has been infiltrated by the bugs (Archived)Hellbringner113/2/2014
a decent game, but not a good EDF (Archived)SlapInTheFace49/23/2013
Party up? (Archived)True_Silence19/1/2013
What rank are you at (Poll)lordofsith5538/30/2013
Can the third bot and revives be turned off during splitscreen co-op? (Archived)SlapInTheFace38/20/2013
Tips for hard mode (chapter 3) (Archived)ptreemf12108/3/2013
Does the Survival Mode have splitscreen? (Archived)WiiUltraMaster57/20/2013
If i first started 2017 on Hard difficulty and loved it, what difficulty for IA? (Archived)SlapInTheFace27/18/2013
Next Gen EDF (Archived)TightNinja16/10/2013
looking for a survival team (Archived)goollon16/1/2013
Now available on Games on Demand, $19.99 (Archived)teehee2355/1/2013
Nobody Play This Anymore? (Archived)theblurch33/1/2013
Earth Defense Force 4 = Earth Defense Force 2025 ! ! ! ! ! (Archived)ILikesCheese22/16/2013
Survival (Archived)DrStreve11/20/2013
What's your preferred loadout of Tier 7 weapons for each class? (Archived)laserbears21/20/2013
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