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4 years ago#1
hey i just got the game looking for people to do the storyline with and survival if interested hit me up GT: Sec7 Jetfire
4 years ago#2
I'm game
4 years ago#3
I am in too

4 years ago#4
Boricua ownz0r (last ones a zero)
Warfriends: You must be lonely, unless you are a female; which in that case u are merely a figment of my imagination
check quote for XBL GT
4 years ago#5
4 years ago#6
K A Sour Cream
4 years ago#7
Flying Ligers

If anyone would like to add me
"I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture- and kill them" - Full Metal Jacket
4 years ago#8
Gamer tag is in my sig. I also just got this game and was looking for people to play with too.
4 years ago#9
Message me if you want to play

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