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Not developped by Sandlot? (Archived)hijokaiden66/14/2011
'Meh' or 'hmmm'...? (*E3 footage) (Archived)
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couch coop and drop in online multiplayer? together? (Archived)Faust2122026/10/2011
You do realize we're all completely screwed, right? (Archived)
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Is this still a 'budget priced' game? (Archived)LordOfTheMash36/7/2011
bastard retail exculsives! (Archived)
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EDF Wiki! (Archived)MaloVolpe36/3/2011
Something just doesn't feel right (Archived)
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Wen I heard Insect Armageddon was being handed off to western developer..... (Archived)ADDpillz16/2/2011
Things I loved about EDF 2017 that I hope are in IA. (Can anyone confirm?) (Archived)
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Just one question.... (Archived)ADDpillz26/1/2011
Am I the only one buying two copies? (Archived)
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So to honor this i have now decided to Beat the EDF 2017 on Inferno (Archived)
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You know before yesterday I had never even heard of this game or the ones before (Archived)McmadnessV375/14/2011
EDF4 Baby (Archived)mikayd2105/6/2011
Only 15 levels? You got to be kidding me.... (Archived)
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Link to Achievement List (Spoilers) (Archived)Herzon31624/18/2011
I bring you weapons: Trooper Assault Rifles (Archived)Herzon31614/15/2011
online (Archived)G1-TailsOwn34/12/2011
EDFIA monsters previewed at Sony Blog (Archived)Herzon31664/5/2011
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