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4 years ago#1
Here's what I'd like to see added later

Yoshimitsu-Tekken 4 Bug outfit:

Raven- Storm Shadow outfit:

Lee- James Bond:

Lei Wulong- Jackie Chan in Forbidden Kingdom:


Zafina- Anaksunamun from the Mummy:

Alisa- Nobel Gundam:

So, what do you think?
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4 years ago#2
but..dorbidden kindom sucked....................actully the costume does look pretty good
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4 years ago#3
I thought Forbidden Kingdom was cool. I have it on Blu-Ray.

I like the idea for the Zafina costume, but Heihachi's is a literal perfect fit.
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4 years ago#4

re:heihachi - WHAT? WHY? 

Heihachi - Android 20 customizations lol.

I'd like to see them bring back the super saiyan hair customization Jin had in T5DR

Also Vegeta's saiyan armor for Kazuya.

And other DBZ stuff where applicable (Wang as Master Roshi customizations for instance). 

4 years ago#5
Everyone: Afro.
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4 years ago#6
I want to see this or jun

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