How to survive in the nether...

#1Cookie BagPosted 11/1/2010 8:50:33 PM
So besides building this stone square around my portal and crying myself to sleep while hearing the screams of agony of every ghast and pig zombie running into lava... what should i know to survive hell? stuff keeps spawning near light? how exactly can you kill ghasts if they run away from you, and any way to make a grilled meat factory out of the piggies?
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Hit the Ghast blasts back at them. Kinda like the Gannondorf fight in I think Twilight Princess (If you've ever played that).
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#3BlackMage78Posted 11/1/2010 8:58:09 PM
I will give you some tips about what I do in the nether.

Make a cobblestone building as a safe zone around your portal first and foremost, light it up and make a glass observation deck for scouting out ghasts and their movements, the deck should be fully enclosed and not used to fight from AT ALL... just scout them out from there.

Next, work out where you want to go, if you can get there by mining through a wall nearby to avoid ghasts all together, awesome!, if not start making L shaped Cobble stone baricades every 10 - 15 blocks or so which are about 3x3 or 4x4 blocks and the same height.

That way you can run from cover to cover to avoid actually having to fight Ghasts as they are a serious wate of time outside of the fun of playing tennis.

Once this barricade system is in place you can run from cover to cover very quickly and easily without much threat from Ghasts in general on your trips back and forth and it used a LOT less stone than making a tunnel the whole way there.

Also set fires around your safe areas for pig zombies to burn up in to supply a steadt supply of grilled pork for healing.

Using these methods I don't even bother to wear armour in the Netherworld and get along just fine.
OH!, and always carry flint and steel with you as you can use hell block for light wherever you go or keep some spare flint and iron ingots with you for when you need to make some flint and steel.
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Hit the Ghast blasts back at them. Kinda like the Gannondorf fight in I think Twilight Princess (If you've ever played that).

lol Twilight Princess

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how about LttPdiditbetternoob 8)

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almost every zelda did that. its a stable.
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Death Mountain is inhabited by Tektites, Lynels, and Boulders
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Majora's mask > OOT imo.
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How did an advice thread on tips to help survive in the nether turn into a zelda fan wank?

Can we have some more useful information and less OT BS.
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for survival in the Nether, you basically need to be a gopher. dig a hole, and travel by digging. wide open spaces are death traps. fortunately hellblock is the easiest thing in the game to mine, just make sure you have lots of pickaxes.

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