Is the lag really that bad or is it my computer?

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User Info: Dapper_Dan_Man

6 years ago#1
Before the Halloween update I could play comfortably doing anything on normal/short render. But lately I have to do everything on tiny (and of course no bobbing, limit framerate, fast settings). Even then, building is a pain since I throw out 2 or 3 blocks instead of 1 each time I click.

Fighting/surviving is even more frustrating, since I'm never able to plan an attack. Instead, I hear the spiders/skeletons, see the spiders/skeletons, lag freezes me up, and then dead. I'm recovering from a ragequit last night, lol...

So I know that multiple people have commented on the lagginess since the Boo update, but is it that bad for you guys?
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User Info: Narceles

6 years ago#2
I have not noticed much difference.
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User Info: thegillitine

6 years ago#3
I have noticed a difference, I have to play on fast graphics instead of fancy now, but other than that, I have no problems. It isn't as drastic of a change compared to yours.
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User Info: nessonett106

6 years ago#4
I'm getting a little lag at far/fast now, when it used to only sometimes give me lag at far/fancy.

Its not THAT bad for me though, i'm not getting any of the block duplication / regeneration nonsense while offline so its all good
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User Info: Jason_Ryu_3

6 years ago#5
I've noticed a little more lag than before. hopefully I'll get a decent gaming PC soon......once I get a job, that is
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