suggested controls on a laptop?

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5 years ago#11
I just use an Xbox 360 controller.
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5 years ago#12
Yeah, TC, a mouse is a must for this game. Line of sight is very important for a game like minecraft.
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5 years ago#13
WASD, E for inventory and a USB trackball because I rarely have my laptop somewhere where I have room to use a mouse effectively.
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5 years ago#14
I use B for inventory and E for sneak. Everything else is the usual.
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5 years ago#15
Get a usb mouse. The track pad sucks for playing MC.

Track pad sucks, period.
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5 years ago#16
Track pad sucks, period.

While I'm not going to suggest you BUY one, the Macbook trackpad is absolutely huge and comfortable to use, with the gestures feeling completely natural. I've spent more than a year without a mouse, and didn't mind it.

Just today I got my first mouse in a year (and the first mouse I've ever bought), the Logitech Performance Mouse MX.

It's an AWESOME mouse. Extremely comfortable, wireless with no lagging (I'm extremely precise in these kind of things, and I don't notice anything), lots of buttons and a frikkin laser beam that can track on glass (OHMIGAWD)!

If you don't want to spend up to $100 for a mouse (you can find it cheaper), get a wired Logitech G500 (which is still expensive).
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5 years ago#17
first of all, a mouse.

WASD to move, left shift for invy(ease of access), Q to drop, and E for crouch(I don't even use it so...)
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5 years ago#18
I use:

W: forward
A: left
S: back
D: right
E: inventory
F: fog

and i use a mouse on my laptop
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5 years ago#19
I use the default controls for playing MC. I can only play it on a lappy, lol.
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