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User Info: T_800

6 years ago#1
You have to create a new world to use these. The words and numbers in bold are the seeds.

- 10110101 - Spawns a huge mountain area. -PaperbatVG.
- Ocean - Spawns a huge ocean area right in front of your eyes!
- 7 - joeyjam Small clay pits (2)
-Minecraft- Thummper Spawns you in snow
- 1337- siggi90 Awesome mountains that connect like a bridge
-abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz- pwned977 Flat spawn
- Notch- Mitchel - Nice map with floating blocks
- Piggy- Mitchel Gives you a beach with a bit of grass
- ABC123DEF456- Mitchel - A regular map? .... Or is it?
- 8675309- Mongoone - Spawns on cactus 45% of time.
- mojang-[ b]Dubbelthor - Might spawn you in desert with no trees (60%)
- y2k- GaryS9993- flat land, lava pit on the surface, cacti and a nice little bridge from mountain to mountain
- Area 51- Dubbelthor - Mega cool world
- 1137- codemax5 -Flat land with a bit of forest.
- 42- Cowum - All times tried gave mushrooms - Beach - Trees
- markus- TheMummy - Icy wasteland
- ghast- Sting_Auer Lava fall, Mountains, lakes.
- amro is super cool dood- Kokorazashi - Crazy mountains
- X=614 Y=931- SwaYer - Iron spawns on Surface.
- Lava everywhere- supernova488 - Sweet mountain!!
- 94-StrykDem - Spawn next to a lava lake.
- 8080- spacle64 - Tons of trees!
- QUICU812- Au - More epic mountains
- CreeperIsland- Alz454 Best mountains Yet!!!!
- meatspin- watkins577 Cave with Iron and coal
- 11 - Logslogs No desc "FOR THE WIN!"
- Mountains- Lumo2 Flat plains, Desert.
- dittos- dittos Gave awesome map, Mountain one side,
- CreepersPlayland -413xAwesome worlds all the time.
- Pikachu- Manny Impressive mountain!
- Pancake- Darkmoo No No, Now these are the best mountains
- 117112131124 Yetty4ever Try it for yourself.
- isaidahiphopthehippiethehippietothehiphiphopyoudontstoptherock-Coconuts Gives you extremely flat land.
- Seed- zspacekcc more & more epic mountains
- TnT- DoNotReadThis Destroyed Land?
- 8==D- stormshadow9002 Just awkward mountains.
- Float- D4NST Biggest forest EVAR!
- debug- yetty4ever has bugs lol, Floating sand mountains
- google- hobo1x3 bipolar biomes
- Glacier- Cavskid12 Epic world -ITS A MUST!!!!!!
- xD- xIGBClutchIx another cool map!
- NILLA WAFERS- Slimjim0617 Woah...
- 4chan- DylanG preeeettyy nice!
- gargamel- maddoxpatt Some say its best? SPAWN IN A CAVE!!
- Power of One- Koratah Spawn by a lava lake also with a field of pumpkins!
- GreenCrack- kingrobdun Natural bridge connecting two mountains
- pi- Pokelover980 Lots of cool mountains and caves
- iqw- Sparky980 Just look around!! :)

(if you find a good seed please post it with a screenshot)
(Taken from the minecraft forums)
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User Info: T_800

6 years ago#2
gt: tominater12

User Info: Tulki

6 years ago#3
Nice list.

seed: "cats"
Pics in the original topic. :L
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User Info: T_800

6 years ago#4
Think a sticky could be possible?
gt: tominater12

User Info: OneClassyBear

6 years ago#5
Maybe a sample pic along with all the seeds would be nice?

Ya know, take a gander at the goods.
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User Info: That1Person

6 years ago#6
I have 3 I thought were cool that are unlisted. They can all be found here

Seed: periphical - Spawns you on on an island, surrounded by a ton of awesome islands in a vast sea.
Seed: to the moon - Spawns you on a small sand island with 3 holes in it, fall down one of the holes and you're in a cave, walk like 5 seconds into the darkness and you find a zombie dungeon.
Seed: pokeylucky - My favorite, spawns you either near a pepper shaped lake or around a bunch of cool floating mountains made of sand usually, so you can break the sand and watch it all fall down!
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User Info: Never-less

6 years ago#7
another cool one is amerasteras

you usually spawn near a really cool looking mountain, surrounded by other mountains, ocean on each side. A dungeon spawner underneath the mountain, and an almost endless cave system a bit underneath the dungeon spawner area.

this shows a good example of it and the location of the dungeon spawner, and a great glimpse of the mountain from a high perched view.
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User Info: papercup

6 years ago#8
Found a cool one: Pogrom
the spawn is boring, but there's a really awesome mountain range not far from the spawn. Been exploring it all morning, it's really cool.
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User Info: Zhosterm

6 years ago#9
These two i stole, but oh well. "Dead Space" is a neat map with interesting mountains, but one mountain is completely hollow. Coordinates= (x=140) (z=-100). Another good map is "404" which has a spot of gravel with a 2x1 hole. Hit it, and the gravel will cave in creating a fissure that leads to bedrock.
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User Info: mutation10101

6 years ago#10
I just tried Hell. spawns you right in the middle of a basin that is mainly gravel, looks weird.

Ok I tried another seed... Holy crap that is a bigass mountain chain.
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