Good minecraft water texture?

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5 years ago#1
Which texture pack has really good looking water? The one I currently use is kinda weird and shows white dots all over..
5 years ago#2
Gerudoku has very nice water textures.
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5 years ago#3
painterly costum made packs work for me
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5 years ago#4
Up until like 1.2 I used a pack that was half Nick's HD pack and half textures I had found through Google. My lava in particular was wicked-looking. I had pretty nice-looking water, too, but I wouldn't be able to remember off-hand where I found it. I 'm pretty sure I just Googled "water tile 256x256" and added a bunch of transparency in Photoshop.
5 years ago#5
Oh, but you would probably have to make your own custom water animation now that such a thing exists. So, yeah. Maybe not a great suggestion after all.
5 years ago#6
Bump.. Looking for more suggestions, the Gerudoku one is amazing though.
5 years ago#7
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5 years ago#8
None, water is the exact reason ive never been able to use anything besides the default texture pack. the original is the only good looking water
5 years ago#9
When you use a texture pack you don't have to change the liquid textures/animations. Although, that said, I use the Gerudoku pack and I think the water looks nice in that.
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5 years ago#10

From: flammable zeus | #009
When you use a texture pack you don't have to change the liquid textures/animations

how? every pack ive tried didnt give me an option to not change the water
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