How can I send a minecart uphill?

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5 years ago#1
Uhh noob here.
I created a track going downhill about 30 block down and was wondering how can I send the cart back up.
Is there some mechanism I have to create, do I have to loop it around through another side to have the force take it back up, what can I do?
5 years ago#2

It's not as daunting as it looks. They're fun to make once you get the hang of it.
5 years ago#3
Sorry to be a bother but which one do I follow.
Im assuming the 'Uphill auto reset booster' ?
5 years ago#4
Sounds like that one would work for you. You'll probably need to work in a second booster halfway up.
5 years ago#5
Yeah thats what I figured, thanks buddy =D
5 years ago#6
Haha thanks for the link man it worked wonderfully
5 years ago#7
It's fun, isn't it? You'll be zooming all over the place in no time.
5 years ago#8
They don't always seem to work just right. Like I had one going to a floating island I made and half the time it would get up there fine and half the time it would not get all the way up there.
They may be monsters, but they're sea monsters. What're they gonna do? Flop around on deck and suffocate at us threateningly?-Red Mage
5 years ago#9
You actually only need one for pretty much everything >_>
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