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Infinite pool of lava! How can I make one?

#1questionman50Posted 5/14/2011 6:21:00 PM


I heard it is similar to making an infinite pool of water which is building a 2x2 pit, and pouring water in each corner, but when I do it with lava, it just dosent work.

Please help if you can

#2DrageiPosted 5/14/2011 6:22:29 PM
Lava is purely a limited resource. The closest you can get to infinite is the pool of lava in the Nether.
#3PDGMTGPosted 5/14/2011 6:27:53 PM
^What he said. There is no infinite lava source.
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#4GoaFan77Posted 5/14/2011 6:52:06 PM
It used to work just like water but that was changed a long time ago. As in before the Beta started.

If you really need a lot of lava, I assure you will never deplete the Nether of the stuff.
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#5xR4zorwirexPosted 5/14/2011 7:50:54 PM
just dig down into a mine, one pool will last you forever.
#67Nitro7Blazer7Posted 5/14/2011 9:35:01 PM
xR4zorwirex posted...
just dig down into a mine, one pool will last you forever.

This. You'll get enough lava even without the nether to do anything you want, even if it's like, glass lava flooring.
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