I keep falling through the void

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5 years ago#1
I had a glitch happen to me recently and now I keep falling into the void and the server crashes constantly
5 years ago#2
I forgot to add, it happened when I was collecting and insane amount of experience and now whenever i try to log into the server i fall into the void and then it crashes and afterward I can't do anything I can't even type /kill, is there anything I can do?
5 years ago#3
Single player? Multiplayer?

Single player get MCedit. Open the map file and move the spawn over to a new location. Hit save and reload the map.

Multi player, if you dont have access to the map to do the same thing then you are boned.
5 years ago#4
It's in a multiplayer server I host, is there absolutly nothing else I can do? its not like an endermen moved a block i'm literally spawning inside the void I can click and type and do other stuff but its not registering anything really, and the data spikes from 80 mb to 263
5 years ago#5
Since you're the host, you should have access to the map, so...
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5 years ago#6
I never used MC edit before, what do I toggle to use the map there? I just started it up but I cant find my server world in the open map files
5 years ago#7
take the world folder from the server, copy it and move it to the .minecraft folder under saves. then load MCedit, mess with the map, and move it back into the server folders.
5 years ago#8
Or, if anyone else is on and you can use teleports, try to teleport to them instead.
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