Bane of Arthropod II

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I was on a multiplayer server (I shall not disclose the name) and I saw two people fighting. I knew one would die, so I followed them. When one was closed I ran up and got ALL the unfortunate fellow's stuff. I found that the diamond sword he was using was glowing purple. I ran my cursor across it and it said Diamond sword
Bane of the Arthropod II. I figure it must be enchanted. I immediately stored it, not wanting to lose it. So my questions are: Is it enchanted? Is there anyway of finding what the enchantment is? Can you give any name you want to items you enchant? I have never enchanted anything before and I kind of want to make a Blade of Woe.
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Its enchanted with Bane of Arthropod II. He didn't name it.
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For more info, see here:

And specifically, here, for the list of possible enchants: