Minecraft pocket ($6.99) vs Eden - World Builder ($0.99)

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User Info: DarkFlow9

5 years ago#1
I'm considering buying Eden because it costs 1/7 the price but which one is better? Is Minecraft pocket worth the 7$ as opposed to Eden?

P.S. I realize that this might not be the best board to post this but it is certainly more active then edens board.

User Info: lord_zekrom

5 years ago#2
Minecraft pocket has been promised a survival update.

Eden has better controls in my opinion. And it too may get a survival update and TNT
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User Info: Kinkajou1015

5 years ago#3
M:PE was 10 cents a few weeks ago on Android market.

Anyway Minecraft because Mojang cares to continue development while clones are more likely to be trying to cash in on cheapskates.
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User Info: Iilpapa

5 years ago#4
Eden is all my friend got after finding the pocket edition to be a failure. I like eden and pocket edition but i would go with eden.
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