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4 years ago#1
Terris Minecraft Community
Website: terrismc.info // Server: play.terrismc.info
No Whitelist! No Application! Join Terris today!

Who Are We?

Terris is a new community server ready to fill your needs of adventure, creativity, and inspirations in Minecraft! We are the combined communities of The Dark Pinnacle of Inspiration and Terracraft Gaming!
Looking for a place to call home without griefers knocking down your houses?
Love to chat with others and have a great time? Want to meet other friendly and helpful players?

Want to be a part of a community where you know everyone?
Want to be a part of a community where your input matters to the staff and changes suggested by the players are implemented within a week?
We provide all that and more!

What Makes Us Different?
Close Community - With a friendly community, you can assure yourself knowing that you will be greeted whenever you log on. Make friends, join towns, and have fun!
Community Projects - Help contribute and be a part of large community projects!
Community Forums - Feel like something is off or should be fixed? Want to suggest a plugin or an idea? Just leave a post in our forums!
Game Nights - Periodic "game nights" where many players gather to play either puzzles on the server or other games outside of Minecraft!

Uptime and Data Safety
Online 24/7 - Our only downtime is for our monthly maintenance!
Frequent World Saves - Our server rarely crashes (if ever) but to prepare for the worst, the worlds automatically save every 5 minutes
Frequent World Backups- Back ups of all the worlds take place every 2 hours
Daily Server Backups - Everything on the server is backed up daily to an offsite location
Scheduled Restarts - The server restarts every 6 hours to ensure that things are functioning smoothly[/size]

Player and Building Security
Protectable Items - Your doors, chests, furnaces, hatch doors, fence gates, and dispensers can all be locked
Logging Plugins - We have plugins that log any and all actions on the server, from player chat, commands typed, and items used to blocks placed and destroyed, items dropped, and chests accessed
Notification Plugins - The Staff members are notified on suspicious activity from newer players
Ranking System - New players who join are ranked as Visitors and have severely limited abilities. They can quickly be promoted to Guests which are only allowed to build in designated areas.
Staff Availability - Our Staff team covers nearly all of the time zones of our players
Active and Trained Staff - Our Staff members are always actively helping new and old players alike and routinely travel around the worlds to ensure a fair and fun environment

Players and Community Environment
No Whitelist - Everyone can join and explore our server. No applications to fill out, no waiting time for someone to respond to your post
Multiple Worlds - Creative world, easy survival world, hardcore world, nether, and peaceful mining world
Small Community - Joining large servers sometimes is a bit intimidating and hard for new players to fit in. You will quickly fit into a small and close community!
Ranking System - New players who join will be Visitors. Passing the tutorial will promote them to Guest. Shortly after once we have gotten to know them, they will be promoted to Builder and will be able to build anywhere
Friendly Players and Staff - our players will talk to you, they will help you out, they will build with you, and they want to get to know you! Our Staff take pride in their roles and are eager to help out new players and get to know them

Terris Community Information
Server IP: play.terrismc.info
Website: terrismc.info
Server Map: terrismc.info/map
IRC Channel: terrismc.info/chat (#Terris on EsperNet)
4 years ago#2
oh. I tried joining - insta ban. look at TC.. Hi there Kris. please remove me from the manymoon group.
4 years ago#3
^ What was your in game name?
GT - Unshaven Maiden
The frost, sometimes it makes the blade stick.
4 years ago#4
What's your in game name? You could have been the one who started swearing on join.
4 years ago#5
oh believe me kris you know who i am. i blew up terracraft's temp map.
4 years ago#6

Long time no chat buddy, how have you been? It feels like forever since we chat, with you being banned and all. If this were a social board, I'd chat you up!
Watch me burn this world.
See Rany's Sig.
4 years ago#7
0.0 sio...
4 years ago#8
Will do. Look at your PM. Meanwhile, what do you guys think we can build on the server? The spawn could use additions but I was thinking more so projects. Castra and I started building an eiffle tower.
4 years ago#9
From what I understood, There's already a PVP arena in the works, perhaps we could go with a cliche Mob arena (The Roman Coliseum) or perhaps a PVM Labyrinth like in the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur.
4 years ago#10
There is! Actually bioshokar is working on another event. We still need to try out bridgerunners some time >.< what other events should there be? I'm putting this down on MM
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