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#251meteor6666Posted 9/15/2012 11:52:10 PM(edited)
A new villager (based on the user 2 posts above).
If this is not implemented, I will make it a mod myself.

A special guard villager is found in every village. At least one. Maybe a 10% chance for another for every other villager. They accept mob materials in stacks or half stacks, for emeralds. Weapons and armory for emeralds as well (enchants do not matter in these trades to make restrictions on player non existent).

Somehow, probably with the upcoming villager relationship improvements, we should be able to buy out a guard. We have to hand them food (hardcore mode) and any tools we hand me would be automatically equipped based on which is better. Same storage as a player and the person who befriended the guard can access that guard's inventory. I would prefer the first inventory row be spare armor, second row half armor (other half swords/bows), third row can be storage by player or items picked up by dead mobs. If Mojang would like a basic inventory rather than specific slots, we can try having the guard equip the spare armor according to what is searched for first in the inventory.

This paragraph is based on the possibility that Mojang would not have slots for armor/weapons, but rather a basic inventory (please continue reading regardless of preference, for this contains an explanation on enchantments). I would assume that it would be annoying to allow us to customize which enchants are best for making the guard know what to equip when a tool/armor breaks so it can be like so. Leather->Gold->Iron->Diamond. Now if I put an enchant on a diamond chestplate and handed him that + a regular diamond chestplate, he could think it is the same and auto equip the enchanted one. If I hand the guard 2 differently enchanted chestplates, we must manually place it on him or organize his inventory so the next part chosen (after the current breaks) is the next best. The guard will automatically instantly equip a new armor/tool when another breaks.

Accessing the guard's HP/Hunger can be based talking to him/her or by his/her inventory. If a player is offline, a villager guard (allied) may not take hunger damage. Heal over time (hunger bar heal for hardcore) or potions. Maybe some facial expressions for combat or stomach growls? Moans of pain? The final part would be combat. How would it know when to use a bow? How far to use a bow? The charge level? When to attack? When to guard? Spam attack and guard at once? Do they jump to perform criticals with swords a lot? Moving around the terrain? Would the guard be able to run (I would love for this)? When the player attacks something, a villager can come in and help if nearby or following (assuming the guard is with that specific player OR neutral [just a villager]). If you tell a villager to wait in a spot, he should be able to help out other guards that are following/waiting nearby if they are attacked (undergone player of course). To prevent villagers spawn/bed camping, they only attack players who attack them (or other guard allies in the area who are under a player's control), when the player who is their ally, attacks another player rapidly in a set time, or lastly, when the ally of the guards gets attacked by another player rapidly, or by taking a ton of damage (by source wise since full protection4 armor takes low damage from any damage source).

A lot of work, I'm sure of it; this will greatly please people looking for a nice friend in the game or are in the PVE/PVP mood. This may sound overpowered but keep in mind; AI is never as smart as a player and it is a 10% chance, per village, to have a guard (10% for another guard).

Edit- lol noticed a few things I left out and fixed grammar.
#252Skystrike70Posted 9/17/2012 2:25:02 PM
Ok, you know how the armor meter shows iron chestplates? Well, I think it should show the color of and which armor pieces you equip. And it only shows the stats of the equips, not x/y. Would allow for increase in max defense.
#253Skystrike70Posted 9/18/2012 8:10:27 PM
Sorry for double post... //-potions of high jumping //-We really need exp to go towards stat points or something, enchantment should use up a seperate enchant meter // - when we die, we should be able to pick up all exp we lost //-Modding api finished //-Gold chests. Can be combined with 3 others to make a 2󫎾 chest.//-fake doors. Self explanatory.//- trapdoors that are indistinguishable from stone and wood blocks
#254MarbiaachPosted 9/25/2012 1:58:59 PM
How about bats being hostile in the light (say....light level 7?) and passive in any light level lower than 7?

Thought of it on the bat topic, so decided I might as well post it here.
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#255Skystrike70Posted 9/25/2012 7:06:09 PM
Marbiaach posted...
How about bats being hostile in the light (say....light level 7?) and passive in any light level lower than 7?

Thought of it on the bat topic, so decided I might as well post it here.

Sky likes this.
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I may as well necro the topic. Sorry I haven't been updating, fellas.
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#257Skystrike70Posted 10/2/2012 3:01:23 PM
Gastroid posted...
I may as well necro the topic. Sorry I haven't been updating, fellas.

It's only been a few months...Anyway, I think that unused tools, buckets, and doors should stack.
Why is it called 'common sense' when it is so rare these days?
#258YMIHerePosted 10/9/2012 2:41:25 AM
Back you vile purge machine!
#259TriForceOmeletPosted 10/9/2012 4:10:22 AM
How about a potion o f flying, brewed with, say, bat wings. Basically it would add the ability for the player to fly around, creative style.
If you threw it as a splash potion, it could do something hilarious like make someone shoot upwards, then fall to the ground, inflicting deadly fall damage.
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#260dancnbnaPosted 10/10/2012 2:27:07 PM
Boiling water.

If a water source block is close enough to lava or has a fire under the block below it, it could start boiling. It has a bubbling animation, turns lighter in color, and produces steam. It deals damage if touched- not nearly as much as lava, but it really hurts. Cauldron blocks are especially effected.

If the boiling water source is removed from the heat source, eventually it will turn into standard water. It can be carried in buckets, but after a short amount of time it'll turn into normal water.

Could be used as a cooking method or in cauldrons.
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