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VeteranCraft [McMMO][Residence][No Whilelist][iConomy]

#1GevousPosted 6/18/2012 5:56:11 PM(edited)

VeteranCraft is a completely legit (Absolutely no one, even staff, can spawn items, use World Edit to 'cheat', etc.), amazing server that has carefully chosen plugins, rules, and all other things to make sure that your experience is a great one.

When you join, you will be in Vetropolis, the capital city of Vetronia. Vetronia is a world that holds every necessity for the general Minecrafter, however if it doesn't give you what you want, we have other worlds as well.

Whether you like the simplicity of Minecraft without all of the mods, or the modded Minecraft with numerous new features, VeteranCraft is the place for you.

Server Info

-Our server is hosted at FragNet, which is the best host we have ever used.
-The website we use for all of our announcements and extra info, which is very useful, is
-Our server uses no whitelist, so you can instantly hop on and play.
-The staff on this server are all very mature and carefully picked to make it so you do not feel abused.
-VeteranCraft's IP is:
-We have a dynamic map which the IP is:
-We have a huge world, but it isn't so big that we have lag.
-While we will not rollback a grief unless something huge happens, you have the plugin residence to protect your things which we have a guide for on our site.
-Ban appeals go in the Ban Appeal section of our forums.
-If the server goes down, check @veterancraft on twitter, our forums, or anything related to VeteranCraft.
-No rain, there are no benefits to having it.
-No PTP's, Residence TP's, warps, or any of that. Only /spawn and /home. However you can /sethome (name) to let you have three homes in all, one being where you last slept (/home bed).
-Donations gives access to many new commands and other things.
-We have people of all skills, such as coding, art, and more. However, we always can use more and us knowing your skills is definitely a good thing.
-Shillings are our form of money.
-Voting for us on our Minestatus page and other pages (found on the site) will give you 200 shillings in all. You can do this everyday, which I suggest doing!
-VeteranCraft was founded on June 22nd, 2011, however we are still not overly crowded and can give you that new feel.
-We have a Facebook page, Twitter page, and more for VeteranCraft.
-We want MATURE players.


While it is not forced for you donate, it helps us run the server and gives you extra commands. You can gain access to lots of commands such as teleporting, get extra money on our server, and more.

Staff Members


-Meatbawllz: Our Owner. He is a great guy, and keeps the server going.


-Frelling: Our lead technician. He keeps our server running and helps a great deal.
-Mudwog: Another awesome person to have that keeps our server going strong.
-Hannahbrian: Our latest technician who helps out as well.

Public Relations

-Ryanpitts: This is me. I handle all of our community sort of things and moderate ingame as well.

Senior Moderators

-Emulated: He really keeps our ingame side of things griefer free. He prefers to be called Tony.
-RikkidoSeph: One of our first staff members. He's a really cool person.
-Bonzai728: Really cool guy who keeps rule breakers out as well.
-Jonthepope: Another great moderator. He also owns a city.

Junior Moderators

-Hledger: He was a staff member and then took a very long break, but he is now back.
-Zenzar84: He lives in Sweden so he can help at different hours than most of us. He's an awesome builder.

Do not post.
#2Gevous(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2012 5:55:22 PM(edited)

Building Rules

-Build at least 10 blocks away from any other structure unless you have permission.

-No 1◊1 towers over 3 blocks high, unless it is temporary scaffolding.

-Try to keep the wilderness looking as pretty as you found it. If you do clear-cut, replant, if you do strip-mine, cover the spot with soil.

-If you donít login to the server for 30 days, your buildings will be removed (Excludes contributors and people who have let us know of their absence).

-Donít build anything offensive (e.g. swastika).

-No unattended vehicles (e.g. minecarts and boats).

-No unattended redstone circuits are to be left on, especially complicated ones (this taxes RAM and causes lag).

-Donít cut half of a tree. Please remove all wood and replant.

-Do not build structures in the ocean or sky unless you have permission or your building is 5 blocks submerged.

-Do not destroy strongholds.

-Use common sense.

Rules That Give One Warning

-No excessive bad language or racism.

-Listen to staff, our staff are not here to be royalty or be above the other players, they are here to help keep order and help players.

-Donít spam the public chat.

-Donít ask for items unless you are asking for a donation for a building or something of that sort, staff canít spawn items.

-Donít be obnoxious.

-No complaining or suggesting changes in the public chat.

Instant Ban Rules

-No griefing. Griefing includes: (A) Breaking; (B) Flaming; (C) Lava Dumping; (D) Otherwise modifying structures or items that do not belong to you; (E) Placing blocks on or immediately near things that other people have built; (F) Stealing or ďborrowing without permission.Ē

-No cheating. This includes: (A) No Flying; (B) No speedhacking; (C) No x-raying or clear texture packs; (D) No item duping (duplicating items exploiting bugs); (E) No exploiting other bugs for unethical gain.

-No promoting other servers.

-No asking for permission to cheat.

-No begging to become staff. We will come to you if we think you should be a staff member. The best thing to do is just be a good player.

-Donít post nasty or negative reviews about VeteranCraft or its players. Weíre not going to waste our bandwidth and server resources on someone who is spreading bad things about us on 3rd party forums, so just know if you do it youíll be banned.


-Essentials (Obvious reasons to have it)
-WorldEdit (To copy ships for ship portals, but the original ship is always legitimately built)
-WorldBorder (To keep the world the size it is)
-Residence (Protects your chests, buildings, etc. We also have a page for all of the commands and things you need to know on our site)
-iConomy (Makes it so you have money to buy things from shops and protect your residences/buy portals, etc.)
-McMMO (Gives you stats, just fun to have, but you don't have to use it if you don't want)
-MultiVerse (For ship portals and our multiple worlds)
-LocalShop (Simple shop plugin that lets you buy things from shops)
-HeroicDeath (Gives messages when people die)
-And more..



Thanks if you went through and read all of this. We can't wait to greet you ingame!

You may now post!
#3chaosgamer99Posted 6/18/2012 5:56:27 PM
I went there, and it was alright. It wasn't right for me. but I would suggest it to anyone who needs a good server, with a reliable staff, and nice plug-ins/community/etc.
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#4Gevous(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2012 8:03:37 PM
Thanks. :)
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#5ShatrdSkatrPosted 6/18/2012 8:04:13 PM
Lots of rules .... :/
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#6MedievalWar132Posted 6/18/2012 9:41:33 PM
-Do not build structures in the ocean or sky unless you have permission or your building is 5 blocks submerged.

So we can build in the sky if it's at least 5 blocks submerged?
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#7Gevous(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2012 10:04:55 PM(edited)
MedievalWar132 posted...
-Do not build structures in the ocean or sky unless you have permission or your building is 5 blocks submerged.

So we can build in the sky if it's at least 5 blocks submerged?

Ignore the typo, greg. You know exactly what I meant. >.>

And most rules are simply the common sense rules that most servers think you'd follow, but we have them in the rules just to make sure. :)
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#8Gevous(Topic Creator)Posted 6/19/2012 11:37:11 AM
We're already getting new members. Thanks, guys.
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#9meatbawllzPosted 6/19/2012 2:28:38 PM
The rules started off less, but over the last year, one dummy after another forced us to add them. Fortunately if you have common freaking sense, you won't have to worry about breaking rules. Basically, don't touch stuff that isn't yours, don't be a douche, and enjoy your time! VeteranCraft's had over 2,000 people check us out, but we have a small town feel. We tend to attract mature, awesome people.
#10Solid_FakePosted 6/19/2012 4:17:45 PM
Last time I played, I was trying to setup a town. I had it dug out, and then, someone griefed the place to hell. Water was everywhere, holes were everywhere, a bunch of gold blocks and iron blocks were stolen. I could not afford protections, and they simply ignored my requests for a rollback.
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