Do zombie sieges happen in a player made village in a mushroom biome?

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4 years ago#1
I know mobs don't normally spawn in mushroom biomes, but will the sieges still happen? When I get back from my vacation, I'll try it out myself. Just curious if anyone's tried yet.
4 years ago#2
Player made village in a mushroom biome aren't a common enough occurrence for this knowledge to be common... (read: I dunno)

But now I want to see some.
4 years ago#3
I never see zombie sieges in my normal worlds, because I light everything up so nothing spawns. I also made a test world where the entire map is flatland, and all bedrock, which mobs don't spawn on bedrock, build a village, spawn some npcs, and I never get zombie sieges, let alone, anything to spawn. So going by those, I'd say villages in a mushroom biome should be fine.
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4 years ago#4
(But don't go by those)
4 years ago#5
ScholarMongoose posted...
(But don't go by those)

Okay, I made a test world where the entire thing is mushroom biome (actually says mushroom biome in F3). I slapped down some player built houses, with lighting inside the houses, spawned in 20+ villagers and waited 30 minutes to see if any zombies would spawn. None did. On hard mode the entire time.
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4 years ago#6
Don't sieges only happen during certain phases of the moon, or has that been debunked? What I do know is regular spawning of mobs don't happen in mushroom biomes, but mob spawners still work.(there's a cave spider spawner directly below my island.) Sieges may go by a similar spawning method. Thanks for the input so far though! I really want to test this all myself as well now.
4 years ago#7
Got back from my vacation and started testing it. Just like TuxedoCyans testing, I saw no sieges happen over the course of twenty nights. The only difference is I only spawned 2 villagers,(nearest village was over 2,500 blocks away, was not building a track that long!) I want them to breed to get all villager types. I'm still in 1.2.5.

I have enough doors to get them to breed, but for some reason they are not.Here's a couple pics showing what I've done so far:

They all have back doors, so that's 12 total so far. Therefore they should breed to give me 2 more villagers, at 3 doors per villager. Am I doing something wrong? Before I forget, I have both trapped in the middle house in the first pic, so it's not because they roam to far from each other.
4 years ago#8
They can only detect doors that are near them. If you have 12 doors, but 4-6 of the doors are a good 10 to 20+ blocks away from the 2 villagers, then they won't see them.
Like it or leave it. Hey, where are you going?
4 years ago#9
Time to make a new house with lots of doors and trap them in side it. I'll let them breed til I have at least 10 to roam my village and then let them free. Thanks again for the help!
4 years ago#10
Apparently sieges will still happen in the mushroom biome. The exception is, they only pop up when reloading a game during the night. I had no zombies around last I played, loaded my game up, bunch of zombies everywhere! Kill them all saved and exited, reloaded again, to see if more zombies would appear and sure enough more did. It was morning by then so I couldn't continue saving and reloading. But did try a couple times during the day and none appeared.

So in conclusion, zombie sieges do happen in mushroom biomes, but only by reloading your game that you saved during a Minecraft night. So to those who want a safe village, build it in a mushroom biome, and make sure to save the game during the daytime, and you'll never have to deal with zombie sieges again.

Unless something else happens, then the testing should be done.

Thanks again Tuxedo! My village now has 23 people and they use the entire village to both wander and breed.
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