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Minez town waypoint! DOWNLOAD

#1poisontoxicPosted 7/17/2012 12:04:52 AM(edited)
Do you play Minez servers?
Do you always get lost?
Do you want to know where the towns are located?

If all of those are a NO, then this topic is not for you.
if all of those are a YES, then this topic is for you.

I made a waypoint to locate all the Town using Rei Minimap

Rei Minimap

Download minez waypoint:

What is Minez?
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#2meteor6666Posted 7/17/2012 4:30:51 AM

Just get someone to use world downloader and explore the maps 100%, as well as check chest contents....

Then upload map as a mysterious user.
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#3poisontoxic(Topic Creator)Posted 7/17/2012 4:33:49 AM

you can drop the file on the folder and know where everything is..
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#4AzcatrazPosted 7/17/2012 4:44:19 AM
What if two are yes and one is no? Or, one yes an two no? Or what if I'm not quite sure? Can I phone a friend? Is this timed? What percentage of arsonists are female and why do they do it?
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