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4 years ago#1
I have the usual problem with animals glitching out of their pens. I'm aware that this is due to mobs loading a second or two before chunks, so they have a chance to wander, but it seems to be really bad for a particular few pens.

An album of screenshots for comparison. The first picture shows the rows of pens I use for sheep. Each pen is two levels down into the dirt, which is apparently enough for grass to spread. I only have a single row of dirt between each pen, and the fences are really just for looks.

I have similar pens set up for cows, chickens, and pigs, simply larger. However, as you can see I have quite a large population of chickens in their pen, but not nearly as many cows. I did a mass slaughter, but had probably a good 15-20 cows remaining. Those ones you see are all that were left after a few days of working in the area.

I have the same problem with two of my sheep pens. You can see I have the green sheep with only a couple in the pen, but six of the light blue in another.

It's probably difficult to see, but I can tell that the three pens I'm having trouble with lie on the same axis in the z-direction, and I'm pretty sure the pens are on a chunk boundary. In addition, I believe the cow pen also lies on a chunk boundary in the x-direction as well, meaning chunks intersect in the cow pen. What makes me unsure of that being the cause is that surely some of my other sheep pens lie along chunk boundaries, and it's only three pens giving me any problems.

So I need some suggestions. Obviously some animals are going to have to move, but with a system like I have, I'm just going to run into the same problem again unless I specifically mark where chunks are. I had an idea for a vertical farm design, but that would take quite a while to dig out, which I don't want to do since I'm still working on a quarry, and I don't know enough about TNT to effectively dig down with it.

My other main problem is that I'm going to be bringing in villagers soon, and I'm torn between having animals nearby and causing more lag (I hit 15 FPS with all of them around as is), or moving them somewhere, but having them in unloaded chunks almost all the time, meaning breeding them would require me to sit there until they're done.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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4 years ago#2
Id go with the verticle farm idea if i were you. But im not.
i had a similar problem and i just gave up farming for a while, now i just have a few cows and sheep. you should try out the chunk boundrys thing though.
4 years ago#3
I just don't want to dig that whole thing out, because I'd need a crapton of layers. I suppose I could at least cut down the number of sheep, that way I can have four pens-worth on each layer.

Really, I'm just looking to see if anyone else had a similar problem where the animals escaping/dying were isolated to chunk boundaries. All of my other pens are fine, and they cover at least two chunks in one direction. I should probably count out to see where my chunk boundaries are.
"Now when I tell you to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness, you say HOW HIGH SIR?" --Bucky Katt
4 years ago#4
If you are far enough away that the chunk on your pen is the very last one loaded, you are far enough away that the game turns off mob behavior. The mob will be loaded, but won't do anything besides stand there. By the time you are close enough to trigger mob movement, which is either 32 or 64 blocks (i forget) you will have loaded many chunks past it, and thus complete your enclosure.
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