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4 years ago#1
Hi all,

I am looking for complete texture packs for Feed The Beast, namely Faithful 32x or Sphax PureBD 128x.

The ones I have found so far are incomplete, and the missing textures really take away from it. I would prefer Sphax PureBD.

Thanks in advance.
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4 years ago#2
No one wants to make then until FTB has finalized their mod list. It's still in beta and subject to change.
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4 years ago#3
Your best bet is to find a FTB message board. There's always some person hanging around there with a texture project they're working on. Maybe they'll have something for you. Or branch out. See if you can make your own textures.
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4 years ago#4
I did find a mostly complete Sphax, and faithful seems to have everything though it's all separated into individual mods, which I'm far too lazy to put together myself.

I might give some of the other texture packs out there a go, anyone have recommendations?
Quick! Everyone complain!
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