Hi, I'm techtarded.

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3 years ago#1
Ok, so I'm not really good about figuring out computers and stuff, but I sure do love Minecraft.

Now, I have a bit of a problem. When I click on the Minecraft icon on my computer screen, it opens the game up.
Then I see the thing to click to download the new update with the horses, so I do it. Then when thats done it gives me a new game window and I can play with the new horse update.
Here is when the problems occur. When I close the window and stop playing for a while then come back, I click on the Minecraft icon on the computer screen and it opens the game as if I hadnt downloaded the horse update.

How can I make this work?
3 years ago#2
Are you using the new launcher?



3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
there has been 2 bugfixes patch to the horse update its most likely what was downloaded
other than that i dont see why it would do it
3 years ago#5
are you picking 1.6.1 from the drop down or is it still on 1.5?
3 years ago#6
drop down?
3 years ago#7
HydrogenDragon posted...
drop down?

Like on the topic list here on GFAQs that let's you change what page of threads you're looking at. Look at the New Topic button and then directly right across the page; like that thing.
^( ' ' )^
3 years ago#8
i dont quite understand what you mean. not sure about the drop down you're talkinga bout, and also pretty sure the minecraft icon dosnt have a drop down.

explain this process as if you were giving instructions to a 5 year old.
as if you were explaining it to a drunk 5 year old.
i'm drinking right now.
i'll be sober later.
but, drunk 5 year old.
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