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2 years ago#1
So basically i was searching on the Tekkit Launcher and i found the same exact mod pack CaptainSparklez is using, all the identical mods.

I really want to play on a survival server with a bunch of people using these mods, but i can't seem to find any public servers. So i was wondering does anyone on here know a survival server that uses this modpack? If not, would anyone like to make a public server with me and play?

Not really looking for some huge server, just between 1-20 people, i'm pretty sure with a little help i can get one hosting 24/7.. if anyone would like to play Minecraft Ultra Modded Survival with me, please leave a message on here.
2 years ago#2
Bumping like an attention whore to get noticed, so no one wants to play on Captainsparklez Modded map survival with me? :( Foreveralone.jpg
2 years ago#3
What's the name of the modpack? I can't find "Minecraft Ultra Modded Survival" in the Tekkit Launcher.
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