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How can I send a minecart uphill? (Archived)Stumpy3553CPOR93/25/2011
Why does everyone want hostile water mobs? (Archived)dannyg777103/25/2011
Minecraft Marathon for Charity (Archived)renodin13/25/2011
Won't achievements be rendered valueless? (Archived)Face_Lost103/25/2011
Does anyone that was born before 1990 understand the point of achievements? (Archived)
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trying to add mods again but.. (Archived)Kanuckels33/25/2011
Universal server lag? (Archived)gr29513/25/2011
OMG there's a creeper in my house!! (Archived)Aiphrem53/25/2011
Can't wait for achievements (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Having problems with a mod here... (Archived)UPhail43/25/2011
Multiplayer server issues... (Archived)
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Anyone see any good videos of parkour in Minecraft? (Archived)
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What to do... (Archived)BlackSwordChris43/25/2011
Best place to rent a dedicated server? (Archived)AlkVelron13/25/2011
Minecraft just says: "Done Loading..." (Archived)krismagus13/25/2011
Here's episode TWENTY-ONE, of my MineCraft let's play... (Archived)hammertime201593/25/2011
Minecraft Merch Store! (Archived)
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who wants to play some minecraft? (Archived)Oilerkid13/25/2011
When you send in a support email (Archived)Mjg01213/25/2011
Any good mods that turns Survival Mode....into what the name suggests?? (Archived)Octotron93/25/2011
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