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Was my world deleted?darkoj36/14 4:30PM
Does Minecraft have custom texture for blocks back yet?pmaster36/14 1:57PM
FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode issue: Ex Compressum + Compressed blocks + VMRedWhiteBlue16/12 2:57PM
Been away from Minecraft a while, could use a reminder on two things.Justice9840546/11 9:16AM
Minecraft 1.10: the Frostburn Update is out
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Gastroid116/10 6:36AM
Does infinite paper trade still exist?MrGreeneJeans26/6 10:07PM
Any good modpacks with little/no automation?Cucumberflant76/6 8:36AM
Is the online still pretty active for the pc version?ab2c4106/6 6:20AM
I need help setting up a command block shop (for 1.9.x)silver knux16/4 6:03PM
If I wanted to use licensed music in a mod...TheHolyBidoof46/2 12:28PM
For the first time ever I feel like cheating...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
kind9136/1 3:06AM
how do you remove pistons?pyrotech158846/1 3:03AM
You know that splash text that says "Has an ending!"?BladeManEXE1025/31 1:57PM
Can windows 10 run the most up to date version or....Ambies_Boy95/31 8:39AM
Mods + Local Multiplayer/LAN?LikeIIs45/31 8:36AM
What did you do the first time you played Minecraft?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
TheOpposite255/31 8:30AM
Do you think they put the blood red lava bug in the current snapshot on purposeBladeManEXE1085/30 12:01AM
Anyone use a fairly recent version of Applied Energistics 2? (P2P help needed)Megawizard25/29 10:36PM
Is there a way to bring up a note for what items do?Ambies_Boy55/26 8:34AM
FTB RAM Issue?mercenary666666105/24 4:03PM
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