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Pixelmon Help (Archived)BurningSlayer9517/5 4:52AM
Pixelmon Showing Problem (Archived)BurningSlayer9557/5 1:41AM
Why can't I copy worlds? (Archived)BladeManEXE1037/3 8:23AM
What is the biggest cave you've seen? (Archived)galfasanta111177/3 6:20AM
Looking for an SMP co-op server (Archived)bigdaddyjug17/2 5:36PM
Found the craziest thing on Minecraft that I've seen in a long while. (Archived)Kombucha57/2 5:10PM
Are there many mods that don't touch crafting but add entities/features... (Archived)Kombucha37/2 5:08PM
Yet another "What keeps you going?" topic (Archived)Horith57/2 11:19AM
Anybody Have A Seed For A Huge Island? (Archived)mercenary66666626/30 2:16PM
Indie Dev Fights With Minecraft Creator On Twitter, Then Asks For Money. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
jongold99196/30 1:52PM
I think my avatar's been... possessed by Herobrine... (Archived)BladeManEXE1046/29 10:11AM
When generating my world, I set the dungeon and village generation to their max. (Archived)BladeManEXE1016/28 3:47PM
Why, sheep? (Archived)BladeManEXE1036/28 1:02AM
Just started out, need opinions (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bigdaddyjug146/27 9:23AM
Help?: Can't access minecraft forums, redirected to some health site. (Archived)Spartan32266/27 12:35AM
Resource collection methods in modded Minecraft? (Archived)Horith106/25 10:47AM
Why don't we have obsidian tools? (Archived)BladeManEXE1036/24 11:57PM
Is there a way to install the Sword Art Online mod without Minecraft Forge? (Archived)BladeManEXE1046/24 8:58PM
Apparently, I'm an idiot. (Archived)Ultrachao86/24 8:48AM
Demo runs good on my pc, what can I expect from the full game/servers? (Archived)jshall022186/23 8:11PM
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