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User Info: boneywings

5 years ago#1
how do seeds work do I have to download them or does just typing in certain words when creating a world create whatever map it is associated with. I hope this makes sense thanks for the answers

User Info: S_P_Diddy

5 years ago#2
You type whatever you want into the seed generator. It is under advanced options when you are creating a world (I think).

And the Minecraft for PC board is a better place to post anything about minecraft. This board is pretty dead.

User Info: kevinjrowley

5 years ago#3
If you have " MineCraft 1.8.1 " or higher you can use most seeds, like for instance if you do:

Create New World -
World Name: (any name will do)-
Then go to where ever you enter the seed-
then type in " Yellowstone " without the qutations
and you should have a mini village with in your spawn point.
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