minecraft classic, on mac problems!!!!!

#1nintendofan2011Posted 2/13/2012 8:19:56 PM
hello there, i have been trying to play minecraft classic (in browser ) on my mac, and i have been having problems, each time i try to play it i get the same thing, the leaflet requestion acess to my computer (which i allow) adn this one that asks if i approve of playing content from the publisher( i press Run) then the small window where the game is supossed to be just well...... does't change it just stays a solid black, and it seems as though Java is working becasue if i click on it the mouse goes straight to the center, and when i press escape, it releases the mouse, so i must ask, what am i doing wrong, am i doing anything wrong, is ti java and my mac ( i have safari version 5.1.2), or something i haven't considered please reply!!!!!!!!!!!