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5 years ago#1

Just wondering if you have to repair armor in this game like you do the weapons? I've found an NPC in New Lando who repairs weapons, but so far no one who has offered to fix my armor. I'm not sure (wasn't paying close attention), but I think the durability number on my hard leather is gradually creeping down. Not sure, though.

5 years ago#2
Yes. You need to repair armor as well. That's why there's an armor repairbox.
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5 years ago#3

Thanks. Haven't found one yet, but will be on the look out.

5 years ago#4
Any of those blacksmiths can repair both weapons and armor, you only looking at the weapon tab. Just buy yourself a repair box and you can do it yourself at any bonfire, the merchant in undead burg sells one.
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5 years ago#5

Ok, thanks for advice. Much appreciated.

5 years ago#6

Yep. Didn't notice the armor tab. Got everything repaired now. Will definitely be on the look out for a repair box. Thanks again for the advice.

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